360 Security

The strategic importance of Safety

Safety 360 aims to promote operational discipline and excellence in operation, based on a safety culture that promotes intrinsically safe behaviour, homogeneous throughout the entire contracting chain.

Also to establish a new organizational paradigm that works as a facilitator for a transition from the safety culture to a state of active interdependence, in which each individual will be genuinely motivated to watch over his safety and the safety of his work colleagues, complying and enforcing the safety rules in place, in an intrinsic and natural way.

Safety is, and will always be, a fundamental value of strategic importance for Tres60 Group.

In order to achieve this 360 ​​concept, four lines of development were outlined (four pillars on which the concept is based), which articulate actions of different scopes to achieve the following objectives:

  • 1. Foster a Culture of Merit and Honor around Safety, fostering genuine motivation;
  • 2. Promote the extension of the scope of Safety from the professional sphere to the personal sphere (Safe-Man);
  • 3. Include Safety as a non-negotiable variable in all decision-making processes (permanent integration);
  • 4. Identify the strategic potential of Safety as a source of innovation.

We strive for an integrated understanding of Safety, developing a system that integrates the technical and commercial area, the organization and working conditions, social relations and environmental factors at work.

Thus, promoting a safer working environment, with a greater capacity to attract and retain qualified professionals with a strong and interdependent Safety culture.

We understand that this is the necessary context for the personal and professional fulfilment of our employees, ensuring that the Company answers more efficiently, not only to the legal and regulatory requirements of this area, but also to the requirements and expectations of our Clients.

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