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Electricity, telecommunications, safety, access control and CCTV design.


Electricity, telecommunications, safety, access control and CCTV design.

Design office with an extensive curriculum of works, both for the national and international market, in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

Portfolio with extensive experience in designs in the areas of electricity, telecommunications, safety, access control and CCTV systems.
Integrated offer
Integrated collaboration in the initial design phase in the Electricity, Telecommunications and Safety areas.
Experienced participation in relevant projects both nationally and internationally.
Integrated Services and Technical Support
Integrated services and technical support, including complementary licensing services, Design Implementation, Telecommunications, Electricity and Safety Designs.


Design of electrical installations for substations and mini compact substations, high, medium and low voltage networks, industrial units, subdivisions, commercial buildings and services. Development of necessary, reliable, sustainable and innovative solutions aimed at the energy rationalization and environmental correction plans defined for each sector.

Energy Generation
Thermal Power Plants, Cogeneration Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants and Biomass Power Plants; Renewable Energy Production; Mini-Hydro, Photovoltaic Plants, Wind Farms.

Energy Transmission and Transformation
Transmission lines and electrical substations.

Manufacturing Units and Installations:
Complete design.


Telecommunication design elaboration, with new technologies in mind and in accordance with the market requirements and development. Custom telecommunications solutions, for buildings and urban developments, according to the users’ operation requirements.

Development of telecommunications infrastructure designs for buildings.

Development of telecommunications infrastructure designs for urban developments.

Fuel Gas

Design and optimization of fuel gas networks.

Gas networks supply designs, taking in consideration an increasing degree of complexity of today’s buildings, while aiming at reducing the cost of the construction, safety requirements and the current legislation.

Detail Engineering Designs
Fuel gas infrastructure; Domestic and industrial gas installations.


Water management studies, including wastewater and rainwater drainage systems, as well as Fire Fighting Networks.

Operation and maintenance solutions for different types of facilities, adapted to the client requirements.

Urban Infrastructures
Water Supply, Domestic Wastewater, Rainwater and Water Treatment;

Irrigation and Drainage
Transport and Distribution Networks and Agricultural Drainage;

Dams and Reservoirs
Hydroelectric and Hydro-agricultural use and Water Supply;

Regularization, Control and Protection
River Regularization, Flood Control and Protection of Flood Areas, Erosion and Silting;

Studies and Plans
Watershed Management, Emergency and Alert Systems, Risk Analysis, Irrigation Plans and Programs; Armed Fire Networks (RIA).


Design of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Networks in different types of infrastructures. Development of air conditioning designs (thermal, acoustic, ventilation and smoke control), also providing support with the preparation of maintenance and inspection plans.

Integrated HVAC system optimization design solutions, with an accredited and specialized team in technical assistance and maintenance.

Air Treatment Units
Modular (New Generation), in Atex, Compact, for Hospital Applications and Special Environments.

Residential Ventilation
Cold and Hot Water Production Unit; Heat Pump and / or Heat Recovery.

Fire Safety Design (3rd and 4th category)

Design of Fire Safety systems, with adequate safety solutions to each case and safe building design. The structuring of Fire Safety designs has a fundamental role in the design of buildings because it is a transversal subject to all types of buildings and infrastructures. Design of building basic safety structures in order to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out, while limiting and circumscribing the risks of spreading fire and smoke, guaranteeing the rapid and safe evacuation of occupants and ease of intervention of rescue operations.

Passive Protection – Architecture and Structures:
Design elaboration to reduce the probability of propagation and the effects of ongoing fires; Passive fire barriers, Fire protection systems, Security panels.

Active Protection – Hydraulic and Electrical:
Fire detection and alarm design, fire growth control until the arrival of rescue means and early fire extinction; Carbon monoxide (CO) detection and alarm design; Fire and intrusion alarms, emergency lighting, Detectors; Design to define the MAP (Self-Protection Means).

Access Control

Designs for the effective implementation of security policies using the Access Control System. Integrated Access Control Systems Architecture, allowing the global management of buildings (property control and vehicles). Access guarantee to facilities and unauthorized access prevention. We provide designs using technologies such as: magnetic strips, bar codes, Chip / Integrated Circuit (Chipcard), among others.

Autonomous Systems:
Systems that have memory and autonomous management capacity, without infrastructure or connectivity.

Management Systems:
A system that facilitates monitoring, combining video surveillance with intrusion, offering a high level of security.

Corporate Systems:
A system that allows managing all types of access – Multiplatform and Multi-location.

Integration with systems:
CCTV, intrusion, vehicle access, intercoms, alerts, messages, asset management, cybersecurity (physical / logical access), presence and attendance control systems, etc.


Design of Closed-Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), facilitating infrastructure control procedures.

Positioning diagram of surveillance cameras, placed at strategic points that capture and transmit images to a video management system. These integrated systems allow the visualization and supervision of all the movements within a location (individuals and vehicles).

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